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Tamara Turgeman

Tamara Turgeman has lived  in Ein Hod since the year 2000. In her rocks series she brings to the forth her deep connection to nature, to place. Daily walks, almost obsessive, on the path next to her home which climbs gently up the hill allow her constant exposure to a range of local rocks; limestone dotted with specks of splint.
Turgeman collects her rocks through a careful intuitive process, akin to a Zen ritual. According to her mood and state of mind she then and there assigns them specific meaning thereby sensitively and organically empowering the rocks. Layers of ink and wax are then added to the rocks rendering them new objects altogether. Her last step is photographing the work and enlarging it, allowing us to experience a mere rock in a totally new if 2D and larger than life perspective.  

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